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Business Sectors

WWForest Management is active in the areas purchase and lease of forestland and farmland, forestry management, timber trade and forestry services. Thanks to purposefully targeted project management, our skilled employees are able to process projects professionally at any given time.

Forest Management

It is our long-term strategic objective to purchase and lease forest areas all over Europe. WWForest Management stands for sustainable forest management that is gentle on the environment. These principles enable our staff to develop our forest management plans and forest facilities in accordance with certified standards. With more than 500,000 newly planted trees, our forestry operations have achieved an officially audited status certified as "sustainable", which can be regarded as exemplary in Estonia.

Currently the companies belonging to the WWForest Management Group manage around 5,000 hectares of forest areas in Estonia and around 200 hectares of forest areas in Germany. Affiliated companies manage around 200 hectares in Austria and around 6,500 hectares of forest area in Slovakia.

Trained employees carry out forest work, and an internationally active network of sub-contractors can guarantee professionally performed forest cultivation and roundwood marketing at all times.

Forst Management

Timber Trade

One part of the WWForest Management Group's core business involves trading with roundwood. Having been the main business area before the company's strategic decision to purchase and lease forest areas, trading with timber still plays a major role and is increasingly gaining significance in times when the demand for the raw material roundwood is strong.

The relevant timber trade departments frequently take over the marketing of the roundwood produced in the operations management by WWForest Management. This makes it possible to pool strengths and improve and lastingly guarantee supply for end-consumers that are usually the purchasing departments of the roundwood-processing industry.

WWForest Management purchases roundwood either as standing trees, by the forest road or already loaded and ready for shipment. Shipping is carried out by lorry, railway or ship.



WWForest Management also focuses on the implementation of special projects involving services related to the roundwood processing industry. The bandwidth of projects already conducted ranges from the processing of windfall calamities by the targeted effort of our sub-contractors to industrial pre-production jobs such as e.g. barking or automatic grading or even organising special transport by ship or combined transport.

Our specialists would be happy to advise you, without any commitment on your part, and help you find out whether or how our services and experiences could be useful in your specific project.